Sunday, January 31, 2010

Check this out!

I got a stronger core than my mom!
Holden doesn't understand why Lola's left ear won't stay up.

Snowball Fight

If this were Lola I would be throwing these snowballs a lot softer

Hitting the Slopes

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I think this is somewhere between a blue run and a black diamond.

I HATE the snow!

who woulda thought these jammies would be appropriate for Charlotte, NC?!

not only can I stand, I can also rotate around to all the toys. My favorite is the sun! He has googly eyes that make me giggle

they went from "chipmunk cheeks" to "chubba cheeks"

And for my latest trick...

I will put my hands together like so... and yup thats it. pretty good huh?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check out these long flowing locks mom can't bear to cut.


I love standing so much mom and dad propped a book underneath me cause I couldn't yet reach the floor in this thing!

Parenting at its finest..

nothin like a sleeping baby + playing wii


Taking tips sleeping in mom and dad's fav position

Twins Take 2!

I swear mom doesn't go out looking for things dad already owns...

Favorite Hoodie

Check out those portraits



This plan is going to be perrrrrfect

Monday, January 18, 2010

turn up your volume

Holden really enjoys when you blow in his face, first a gasp then a smile every time!

Holden's fav time of day

I give out the most smiles in the mornin!

I'm so big!

Holden is now 3 months and wants to tell you alll about it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New tricks~

I love the end of the second verse- it makes me squeel!


Off to daycare for the first time. Dad said he couldn't get him to smile...

I survived my first day of daycare!!

Check out these mad skillz!

I am getting good at focusing on an object and grasping them with my hands!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

We're Home!!

Ohhhhhhh there's no heat and its 58 degrees in here-welcome home! Holden was the warmest of all of us in this get-up!

Little did Oma know he was showin his mom that she had a 3...

Happy New Year!

Alright! The grandma's are already lettin me drink the bubbly!!

Holden's First Snow!!

Ahhhhhh, is it time to get up already?!

I hope this hat doesn't ruin how sweet I look in my sweater vest

Best Cousins!!!

Lilly is too smart and crafty to let us get a pic of this precious moment

"I'll give you this wierd smile just so you will stop attempting to take pictures and GIVE ME THOSE PRESENTS!"

Glamour Shot #3

Ok Holden, just stare off into space all dreamy-like and lounge casually on the pillow, give a "rocker sign" with your left hand, yup, nailed it!!