Friday, January 21, 2011

15 months and loving it!

Currently Holden ...
- moved up to the Toddler room and is sleeping on mats (but holden prefers to play while the others are sleeping according to his teacher)
- says about 6 words (favorites still daddy and this)
- loves to skype and say Hi!
- can find his favorite book and open to the page Wheels on the Bus and shove it in your face until you sing it.
-is attached to blanket (don't leave it lying around cause he'll find it)
- has a mean curve ball
- can climb the stairs up and slide down a slide on the playground by himself!

This book is completely manageable

and not too big. at all.

I hope Aunt Niki can hook me up with some baby braces.

There's a snowstorm in Charlotte!!!!

To do:
1. shovel driveway (no shovel)
2. go sledding ( no sled)
3. walk around in snow. check.

Cutest footprints ever.


not here, not there, I will not touch it anywhere, Holden I am.
And Holden has still never touched the snow.

5 days after the storm...

Holden could still stand on top of the 5 inches without breaking through!

Am I looking in the mirror?!

That is my bib, and he has some sweet hair, and Lilly calls him Holden...

yo yo yo, check out my ride!

check, one, two, check, check

Is this thing on, I can't hear my da-da-da's

If I wait patiently, maybe I will get more presents!

You are smushing me with love!

I'll take that.

Friday, January 7, 2011

sniffing/drinking, whats the big diff?

(turn up the volume)

Did you see that fastball?!

Please, no recruiters, he's only 14 months.

Monkey Business

this self-taught trick is the result of replaying this monkey 722000 times (he mastered button pressing over christmas)

A Sledding Christmas Story