Saturday, October 1, 2011


We had to get creative after 7 straight days of rain here in Charlotte. Good thing we have plenty of cushions to make tents and obstacle courses.

No gender stereotypes in this house!

yes, that is a green toe. At least he didn't choose pink...


Found this in your closest, dad! Then I ran all the way down here to show you all by myself!

Boating for the 5th month!!!!

I got these here rocks!

and I throw them in the water, pick them up, and do it all over again. for hours.

"uh-oh poo!"

Holden has been very successful with the potty to his parents excitement! He spends most time at home naked or in "udeez" for greatest success rate, which also makes photo-ops pretty limited.

You're so vain..

One of Holden's favorite things to do is smile for the camera, then run over and look at the image. This makes it very hard to take videos...

Incredible Hulk?

Best buds- summer 2011

It only took 3 weeks for Holden to stop asking to go see "GannyDaisyFooFoo."

Work, work work!

"Mow the lawn, do the dishes, take out the trash- Never ends with these people!"

Finally self-amused!