Friday, July 8, 2011

Who me?

This little angel would NEVER keep his parents from updating the blog!! Sorry for the delay (again) but here are some pics of Holden and the new place!

Go Speed Racer, GO!

Can't risk gettin any dirt in my eyes while speeding around Bunky's house!

This is the best we could do.

Eleanor, Lilly, Holden and Britton together at last!

Cousin socialization!

two new cousins!!

And for those of you wondering, Pete is holding Eleanor (Chris and Kelly's 2nd daughter) and Chris is holding Britton (Niki and CJ's first son!) Holden approved of them both with a rating of two thumbs, way up!

Whenever he says the word bubbles, he always yells it out of sheer excitement.


Holdens First Puzzle!

No, no, they aren't supposed to be upwards like that. I am attributing it to his ability to think outside the box

Baby in a Basket

If I'd had known a small basket would make him smile like that, I would have done that eons ago

Sharing?? What good cousins!

Waving Hi to some tigers at the zoo!

Ready for the links, he'll change into his golf shoes when he gets there.

Little Big Boy Bed

Toasty Charlotte Summers!

This truck was made for sitting

GOOD morning!

up close and personal in the a.m

HEY look at me with no high chair!


After moving, Holden decided he no longer needed his high chair. His parents beg to differ

holy moly they are never gonna be able to paint those ceilings

I stack it like this